25 Indie Rock Pickup Lines to Use on Music-Nerd Dating Site Tastebuds


We thought we’d heard everything when we found out that some geeks were launching Cupidtino, a dating site geared exclusively towards Apple fans. Alas, the onslaught of niche Internet matchmaking services shows no sign of letting up. Today, we learned about the existence of Tastebuds, a site that uses Last.fm to make love connections between people with similar taste in music. Since most people who actually care deeply about their lover’s choice of tunes are sure to be of the indie-snob persuasion (no offense; we’re no exception), we’ve put together a handy list of 25 pickup lines for Pitchfork-readin’, All Tomorrow’s Parties-attendin’, vinyl-collectin’ elitists to use on the site.

1. “I’m looking to go from Loveless to ‘All Is Full of Love.'”

2. “I’m looking for a bear who’s into Grizzly Bear.”

3. “I’ve got four walls and adobe slats. So will you be my girl?”

4. “Will you be the Ben to my Zooey?”

5. “The ladies of Dirty Projectors got nothin’ on you.”

6. “Let’s go to my place and watch the Girls ‘Lust for Life’ video — the NSFW version.”

7. “Is your name Janelle? ‘Cuz I bet I can make you moan, eh?”

8. “If I were Pitchfork and you were an album, I’d give you a 9.7. (Sorry, baby. No one gets a perfect 10.)”

9. “I’m about to put on some Robyn ‘cuz I’d like to hear your body talk.”

10. “Who cares about Sleigh Bells? You’re all the Treats I need.”

11. “You know Flying Lotus is a band. But did you know it’s also a sex position?”

12. “ISO a girl who’s into S&M and Bible study — not everybody’s cup of tea.”

13. “Is that a Morning Bender in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?”

14. “Hey there, Tight-ass Andronicus!”

15. “Let’s make love and listen to Death from Above.”

16. “Are you into Joanna Newsom? Because I’d like you to Have One on Me. And I’m not talking about drinks…”

17. “I’m not looking for anything serious — just a fling that’ll last about as long as chillwave.”

18. “Sexually confused of Montreal fan seeks same to explore bi-curious fantasies.”

19. “I am human and I need to be loved. Just like everybody else does.”

20. “I’m just a Juliet looking for a Chromeo to call my own.”

21. “Let’s get XXX to The xx.”

22. “You and me baby ain’t nothin’ but mammals so let’s celebrate our semi-ironic love of that one Bloodhound Gang song together, shall we?”

23. So, this is my room — or, as the ladies like to call it, the Passion Pit.”

24. “Antony? Meet my Johnson.”

25. “Hey, have you heard this Shins song? It’ll change your life.”

Image credit: Clayton Borah