A Sneak Peek at David Denby’s Next Book


Loving this faux book cover as much as we do makes us feel rather traitorous; kind of like the floater girl (think Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls) who was sort of friends with the judgmental nerd boy but has forsaken him to eat lunch at the *smart popular kids’ table (think Blair Waldorf). Or at least that’s how Denby would see it. Or maybe (and this is a really big maybe) he would be happy that his online enemies are getting creative? He does love The Onion… OK, we’re being naive. It’s funny though. [Via Spiersblr via MisterHippity]

* Our high school’s popular clique was a two-tiered community of smart/dumb. We also graduated with a class size of 37, so this metaphor might not hold true everywhere.