Heard in the Crowd: The Rumpus’s NYC Launch Party


OK, it’s been a long time since we’ve asked you to submit these (and it’s not like you were ever flooding HQ with material), so we’ve decided to get the ball rolling and post one of our own from last night’s launch party for The Rumpus at Crash Mansion. To set the scene for you, founder Stephen Elliot (who we interviewed here) was on stage giving a rundown of his site, and said something along the lines of, “We’re like a literary magazine that plays by the Internet’s rules, meaning we update at least 15 times a day — like a Gawker, or a Huffington Post, but we’re not mean.”

Girl #1: Omigod, I love Gawker!

Girl #2: [Breathlessly] Omigod, I love Gawker too!

They proceeded to chat about their mutual love for the site — Gawker, not The Rumpus — as James Frey took the stage and read a hilarious unpublished piece that he claimed was going to be part of a new Damien Hirst project about Kate Moss. It was all about how she secretly has an IQ of 195 and is working in a secret lab on a formula that will allow her to live forever. But it’s way better than we’re making it sound.

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