Awesome or Awful: Hipsters of Size


If you think you’ve seen every hipster-oriented Tumblr out there, think again. Meet Hipsters of Size, a blog devoted to either the celebration or the public ridicule (it’s kind of hard to tell which) of plus-size scenesters. The gays at World of Wonder are all about it, but we have some questions: Why does it only feature dudes? Why do most of those dudes have beards? Why is it that the author seems to confuse “has a beard” with “is chubby”? (While many of the beardos qualify as “of size,” some definitely don’t.) Considering that its criteria are fuzzy and we can’t decide whether the site is making fun or not, we’re not sure whether Hipsters of Size is awesome or awful. Peruse the site, watch out for the nudity on page six, and tell us what you think.