The 7 Films Longer Than Wimbledon’s Isner/Mahut Match


The longest tennis match in history has finally come to an end. After more than 11 hours of play, John Isner, the number two ranked American player, defeated France’s Nicolas Mahut 70 to 68 earlier today at the 2010 Wimbledon tennis championships in London. To help put this into perspective for you less sporty, more pop culturally-literate types, we’ve rounded up a list of films longer than this epic game. Mind you, there are only seven in all of history, and most of them are experimental and sound totally weird, but we’re sure there’s some cinephile out there who’s up for a viewing challenge.

In descending order…

1. Cinématon – 150 hours 2. Matrjoschka – 95 hours 3. The Cure for Insomnia – 87 hours 4. The Longest Most Meaningless Movie in the World – 48 hours 5. **** – 25 hours 6. 24 Hour Psycho – 24 hours 7. Crude Oil – 14 hours