The Grammys Might Suck Less This Year — But Not That Much Less.


When it comes to award show season, we make sure that our schedules are free for every other Sunday in January and February. We sit through the mega-awkward Ryan Seacrest red carpet interviews; ignore the shamefully bad writing and biggest snubs — mostly because we think even good performances are art and we like seeing them recognized on a big stage. And the hyperventilating blondes in pretty dresses and Tina Fey’s pre-prepared speeches make them worth sitting through.

But then the Grammys happen, and the irritating parts become too hard to ignore: the snubs, the predictability, the Starbucks-playlist taste that surrounds the whole thing.

Entertainment Weekly has a slideshow breakdown of Sunday’s nominees, predicting that almost none of their “who should win” and “who will win” guesses actually match up. It’s actually a good year for mainstream-alt tastes — M.I.A! Radiohead! The Raconteurs! — but EW postulates that our barely-indie illusions will be shattered by Coldplay’s domination of most of the awards. We learned not to care about the Grammys long ago — all we can remember is that J.Lo wore that shocking dress once and that the bands that perform usually win when they’re standing backstage (that always bothered us) — but the fact that bands we actually like might have a presence this year makes the fact that they will all lose even more annoying.

The worst part is that Coldplay — a band whose early albums we actually think are good — will sweep with the worst album they’ve ever made. And that M.I.A won’t get much love, although Amy Winehouse’s far less awesome album made a big splash last year. Oh well, at least there’s a bright side: She might give birth in the middle of “Paper Planes”! We’ll be watching either way— will you?