5 More Terrible Pride and Prejudice Book Covers + A Great One


Last night on Work of Art, in a challenge that thrilled book-design nerds like us, the contestants were charged with designing covers for Penguin Classics. The winner, John Parot, made a gorgeous, colorful, semi-abstract image for H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine. But the real loser was Jane Austen: Two Pride and Prejudice covers landed in the bottom three, and one — Judith’s horrible backwards-script design — got its creator booted. It was a horrible picture, but we’ve found five real Pride and Prejudice jackets that are nearly as bad. Give them a once over after the jump, and then cleanse your palette with a gorgeous one we stumbled upon in our search for the very worst.

Five ghastly Pride and Prejudice covers

Somehow, this isn’t the first book we feel like reaching for…

Dramatic typography fail + awful audio icon

Pride and Prejudice and Twilight

Elizabeth Bennet, angry elf

Jane Austen for Shopaholic fans

… and one excellent one. Guess they don’t make book covers like they used to: