Pixar Characters Invade the Star Wars Universe


With the recent release of Toy Story 3, a high school history and film teacher and part-time artist who goes by “Sillof” has created a series of drawings re-imagining Pixar heroes in the Star Wars universe. (He has plans on sculpting all of the work into figurines.) Click through and find out what your childhood would have been like if Woody had been cast instead of Harrison Ford or if Boba Fett was less bounty hunter, more space ranger.

“No grand subtext here, they are both old. But this is my favorite one of all.”

“Han obviously has his origins in the gun slinging Westerns, so this was an obvious pairing. I am surprised how little I had to change to make this work.”

“Short, green, nuf said.”

“The bi-pedal design, utilitarian nature, and non vocal communication made them a natural pairing.”

“My first idea was to use Syndrome from The Incredibles to include all the films, but I like the idea of the armor and jet pack. Plus combining my two favorite characters from both universes could not be passed up.”

View the whole collection at SILLOF’s website.