What’s on at Flavorpill: Links that made the rounds in our office


Today we fell in love with his hot koala bear. We decided that base jumping is both insanely dangerous and insanely beautiful and that we will never do it. We realized that if Steven Spielberg can’t get his creative ideas financed, we’re all in really big trouble. We wondered what Elizabeth Peyton’s painting of Michelle Obama would look like in the White House. We schooled ourselves on some art history without even leaving our desks. We witnessed a scary suburban/urban war that only looks to be intensifying in tough economic times. We found it hard to believe that Obama would swear — even in character. (At least he doesn’t dance to ABBA like Putin.) We. Couldn’t Believe. Kilmer. We wanted to go shopping for a typewriter, but decided that learning to make our own cheese would be a better way to spend our time. And finally, we discovered jauntsetter. We think it’s pretty.