The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories


1. This teaser clip for season four of Mad Men functions more like a “best of” reel and reveals absolutely nothing. But we know you’re going to want to watch it anyway. [via Vulture] 2. Because America officially finds him creepy, Tom Cruise‘s new action flick Knight and Day got trounced at the box office by Toy Story 3 and a movie about a bunch of comedians reuniting at their old summer camp. [via THR] 3. A funny thing happens when Broadway produces interesting shows about black characters like Memphis and Fela!: it attracts larger black audiences. [via NYT] 4. So what happened when Kanye West made his first awards show appearance since his infamous VMAs outburst at the 2010 BET Awards over the weekend? Spoiler alert: There’s a volcano involved. [via Stereogum] 5. The Roots have announced their next album, Wake Up!, will be a full-length collaboration with John Legend and will consist entirely of covers of “vintage conscious soul songs.” [via P4K]

Bonus link: Uncut’s 50 Great Lost Albums