Big Blog Crush: My Life Is Lost


Thanks to our friends at Vulture, we’ve come across what might be one of the most depressing Tumblrs of all time: My Life Is Lost. Basically it’s like a group therapy session for Losties who can’t get over the fact that the show is over, with the pseudo anonymity provided by the Internet allowing them to let their freak flags fly. And oh how they do. We’ve posted some of our favorite user-submitted entries after the jump. Feel free to share your own MLIL moments in the comments.

“I bought my daughter a Fisher Price Little People air plane for one reason only, Lost. I named the captain (Lapidus) and two of the people (Sawyer and Sun). Instead of teaching her the word plane, I taught her Oceanic flight 815.”
“My husband knowing I was depressed about the ending of Lost brought me back two hibiscus trees which I immediately name Kate and Sawyer. When I talked about how well Kate and Sawyer are doing with my co-workers they look at me like I am nuts, roll there eyes and just walk away. My way of keeping Lost alive for me.”
“I find Lost everywhere and my kids usually remind me that Lost is over. Last night we went to a Doctor Who viewing party for the finale. A polar bear was shown in the episode and before I could say anything, my son shouted, ‘It’s the polar bear from Lost!’ I put my hand on his shoulder and whispered, ‘Now, you’re like me.’ MLIL”
“Whenever I board a plane, I always make sure to sit in the middle section. Because in case of a crash, everyone in the front section will die and everyone in the back will be killed off later.”
“I was walking around a track with two friends, and someone was having a controlled fire on the edge of town, causing a thick black smoke cloud to billow over the trees. I live in the Appalachians, so it was coming over a pretty thick forest, and the contrast of deep back on such a deep green made me want to do one thing: I started making tickaticka noises, and me and my friends ran for our lives. ‘Which one is going to be Eko?,’ someone asked. ‘We don’t have sticks!’ I replied. MLIL”