10 Culture World Icons Who You Should Not Dress Up As This Halloween


1. TINA FEY – everyone will think you’re SARAH PALIN

2. Anyone from the cast of GOSSIP GIRL or THE HILLS – you’re way too old

3. DANIEL RADCLIFFE/ALAN STRANG – full frontal nudity = not okay

4. HEATH LEDGER/THE JOKER – it’s in bad taste

5. Anyone from the cast of SEX AND THE CITY – unless you’re doing it in drag — that’s ok

6. DAVID FOSTER WALLACE – it’s in really bad taste

7. AMY WINEHOUSE – it’s too last year

8. DAMIEN HIRST – diamond-encrusted skulls are expensive

9. WALL-E – it’s going to be really hard to drink — or talk

10. ROBERT DOWNEY JR. in TROPIC THUNDER – he barely got away with it

Alright. Who did we miss?