Possibly-Better-Off Missed Connections [Reader Services]


Does flying solo on a Valentine’s Day that also falls on a Saturday night seem like too cruel of a double whammy to bear? Well you don’t have to go it alone — if you’re a comic book geek that is. Check out the special New York Comic Con cultural Missed Connections we’ve rounded up after the jump. You just might find someone who’s open minded enough to overlook flaws (multiple cats! a mother who lives upstairs! a tendency for close talking! ) that might scare off less eccentric (read: non costume-wearing) types.

Goth Female At Comic Con In Cafe Who Had Seth Green Signed Breast – m4w (Manhattan) Saturday Feb. 7 downstairs in the cafeteria at Comic Con. You were dressed in goth wear I was dressed in black, long hair. You were sitting alone at a table first. I was sitting at another table with a friend( also had long hair). We made eye to eye contact a few times. A male joined you and as my friend and I were leaving I came over and asked if you had both of your breast signed or were they tattoos. You said one was signed by Seth Green and the other I cant think of who it was you told me. Wanted to talk more but had to go. Would like to meet and get to know you more.

Comic Con- Let’s play light sabers. – m4m – 26 (NYCC) I was the Joker Jedi in Sabers UNLEASHED! You were cosplaying as Naruto. I thought you were really hot and maybe I could teach you a few moves with my light saber.

“Dungin’Dragons” at NYCC – w4m – 21 (nycc) we met very briefly at the nycc on saturday afternoon. you had a fun “dungin’ dragons” t shirt on. i had the leia buns on my ears. wish i had gotten your name. hope you enjoyed the rest of the con

Comic Con – w4m – 20 (Comic Con) Our eyes met at Comic Con. I was really hot. You were really geeky. It was cute. Give me your WoW handle.

Searching for Mary Marvel – m4w – 26 (Midtown East) You were “good” Mary Marvel at last years NYC Comic Con. I thought you were cute and any fan of the Marvels has to have good taste, but some douche asked for your number in a grandiose display and that was that. This year I ran into you again. You were classic Mary Marvel this time. We spoke before the DC Universe panel after the line got locked, despite there being plenty of seating. I couldn’t think of a tactful way of stating that the girl I was with was just a friend. I hate coming off as transparent. Anyway, that guy never actually called you and ended up being too young for you…I would definitely call you.