The 7 Things You Need to Know about Kindle 2


Those of you who are still waiting for your old school Kindles to arrive in the mail, will be happy to know the new model (which you can order now but doesn’t ship until the 24th) doesn’t sound that much cooler. The most important differences:

1. It costs $359. 2. It is .36-inch thick, which makes it thinner than an iPhone, and weighs about 10 oz. 3. Stephen King has one, and it’s kind of pink. He’s also releasing a Kindle-exclusive novella. 4. Its pages turn faster. 5. It’s 3G and holds seven times more content.

6. It can read aloud to you, but it sounds like a robot. 7. Its prettier, with a much nicer screen.

[Via LAT, PC Mag, and WaPo]