Pitchfork’s Altered Zones Launches 1000 Twitter Battles


This morning, Pitchfork blew our minds with the announcement that it’s about to become even bigger. If you’ve somehow avoided hearing the news, it’s launching a site called Altered Zones July 7. Consisting of a handful of outsiderish music blogs, ranging in popularity from Gorilla vs. Bear to Rose Quartz, Altered Zones will presumably cover the stuff that’s too new or obscure to make Pitchfork proper.

To be totally honest, we can’t render an objective comment on this move: We know co-editor Emilie Friedlander, like her (and her blog Visitation Rites) a lot, and wish her a ton of luck. But we also worry about the effect this will have on smaller publications, like Arthur magazine and our friends Tiny Mix Tapes, that are already well respected for their coverage of experimental, noise, and avant-garde music. Of course, other music writers on Twitter are also pretty divided about Altered Zones. And some are really pissed off. After the jump, we collect some of the most heated battles and attempt (but fail) to avoid editorializing.

Brandon Stosuy (@brandonstosuy): Feels like when Wal-Mart came to town RT @pitchforkmedia: Pitchfork unites blog collective for music site Altered Zones http://bit.ly/dnny3I

In response to Christopher R. Weingarten’s (hilarious) Sound of the City post on Altered Zones: Gorilla vs. Bear (@gorillavsbear): is there anyone that comes across as more bitter/desperate/sad/”retarded” than @1000TimesYes [Chris Weingarten]? [Ed. note: We’re pretty sure the person who says “retarded” (in scare quotes or not) first tends to come across as more bitter/desperate/sad.] Ryan Schreiber (@ryanpitchfork): @gorillavsbear Breaking: @villagevoice assigns blog story to most vocal anti-blog contributor #ohwell [Ed. note: Since he was a contributor to Idolator (back when it was good) and Sound of the City, we’re thinking Weingarten is more anti-Pitchfork than anti-blog…] Weingarten:The new sincerity, folks: RT @gorillavsbear is there anyone that comes across as more bitter/desperate/sad/”retarded” than @1000TimesYes ? Weingarten: Look, I’ll definitely give him bitter and sad. But a professional ForcefieldPR email cut-&-paster calling me “retarded” is just plain wrong @welistenforyou: If hipsterrunoff said what @1000TimesYes said then everyone would be applauding him

Jessica Hopper (@jesshopp): @ryanpitchfork Looked over contrib list for P4Ks new bro(ther) site–btwn the 15 sites, is there even 1 female regular contributor/editor? Schreiber: @jesshopp emilie friedlander sound like a dude to you? she’s the editor. i know its yr livelihood but plz stop making hysterical accusations [Ed. note: One of the best ways to respond to accusations of misogyny while supporting the notion that you are a misogynist is to accuse a respected female writer of basing her entire career on “making hysterical accusations.”] Hopper : @alteredzones @ryanpitchfork Excellent. Good to know you at least have one.

Impose (@impose): Ryan Schreiber turns his Google reader into a website @ryanpitchfork @gorillavsbear @chocolatebobka http://bit.ly/bDVpHN