FW Exclusive: Behind-the-Scenes of TV on the Radio’s “Golden Age”


Mountain tops, bodybuilders with animal hats, and policeman dancers.

No, we’re not describing the scene at a new boy’s only party in Chelsea; it’s the music video for the disco-inspired track “GOLDEN AGE” off of Brooklyn-based art rock band TV ON THE RADIO’s recently-released third album, DEAR SCIENCE, .

And we’re taking you behind the scenes.

If you’re like us and didn’t make it to any of the band’s three sold-out shows in New York last week (we scanned through a lot of “I’m a true fan” posts on Craigslist, one from a seller who requested that interested buyers submit “a witty phrase or rejoinder,” and then this passive aggressive plea for help), then maybe the exclusive footage after the jump will make you feel better.

If not, there’s always next year.

* video courtesy of INTERSCOPE RECORDS