Daily Dose Pick: Great Directors


Ten prominent directors, from David Lynch to Catherine Breillat, step in front of the camera to talk about the overlap between their films and lives in Angela Ismailos’ penetrating documentary.

This 90-minute gem delves into indie icon John Sayles’ secret life as a Hollywood screenwriter for Jurassic Park and other blockbusters, Bernardo Bertolucci’s unique take on the infamous sex scene in his groundbreaking Last Tango in Paris, and Lynch’s chance encounter with Mel Brooks. These revelations are joined by others from French badass Breillat, Agnes Varda, Richard Linklater, Todd Haynes, Ken Loach, Liliana Cavani, and Stephen Frears.

Read more about director Angela Ismailos, and dig deeper by watching Todd Haynes’ controversial short on Karen Carpenter, and checking out John Sayles’ blog.

Click through below for a series of exclusive clips from the film.