Photo Gallery: Art Inspired by Jim Henson’s Labyrinth


We’re suckers for those sublime moments when high art meets pop culture. Also, we love anything involving David Bowie. That should explain why we were nothing short of ecstatic to hear about Dance Magic Dance, a group art show inspired by Jim Henson’s 1986 masterpiece (that’s right, we said it) Labyrinth. The exhibition kicks off Friday at Los Angeles’ R&R gallery, but we’ve got an exclusive preview of images that range from a Guernica-inspired scene to Bowie and Jennifer Connelly reimagined as cartoon cats to an action shot of one artist painting the Goblin King’s generously endowed codpiece. Locals who hope to see these works in person should take note: The show closes July 17, which means you only have a little over a week to get your Jareth on.

Austen Stanton, “Don’t Lose Your Head,” 14″x18″ ink, stain on wood

Ayami Kawashima , 16″x24″ digital /mixed

Image by Daniella White

Daphne Yap , 9.5″ x 7.5″ mixed medium

Dave Correia , 26″ x 20″ acrylic on board (work in progress)

Jess Sluder , 28″ x 22″ acrylic on canvas

Kube , 21” x 27”, 15” x 15”, 15” x 15” acrylic and spray paint on cardboard (work in progress)

Image by Mike McQuade

Robert Bowen , “13:13,” 8″x16″ acrylic on canvas

Vic Back (painting a work in progress), 48″ x 24″ acrylic on canvas