Quote of the Day: And We Thought It Just Gave You Hairy Palms…

“The sin of self pollution, which is generally considered to be that of Onan, is one of the most destructive evils to be practiced by fallen man. In many respects it is several degrees worse than common whoredom . . . and produces violent secretions . . . the muscles become flacid and feeble, the tone and natural action of the nerves relaxed and impeded, the understanding confused, the memory oblivious, the judgment perverted, the will indeterminate and wholly without energy to resist; the eyes appear languishing and without expression, the countenance vacant; the appetite ceases, for the stomach is incapable of performing its proper office; nutrition fails, tremors, fears, and terrors are generated; and thus the wretched victim drags out a most miserable existence. . .”

– A choice snippet from Power Living, a truly frightening Christian extremist book from 1987 that the Village Voice “Studies in Crap” blogger Alan Scherstuhl discovered at a thrift store. The tract also rails against the dangers of college educations, abstract art, and vino. Shockingly, we couldn’t find a copy on Amazon.com.

Thanks for the tip, Jen.