New Depressing but Beautiful Images from The Road


We find the fact that Braddock, Pennsylvania — the town that serves as a backdrop for John Hillcoat’s upcoming film adaptation of Cormac McCarthy’s Pulitzer Prize winner, The Road — has now been classified by the state as a “distressed municipality” totally depressing. It makes us feel really bad for the 3,000 people who live there (that number used to be closer to 20,000); in fact, it will make it difficult for us to lose ourselves in the flick, which has no current release date after getting pushed back by Harvey Weinstein last fall.

But maybe it wasn’t a move all about focusing attention on The Reader — maybe he anticipated a reluctant audience.

After the jump some recently-leaked gritty pretties from the set, via Quiet Earth, a site “dedicated to genre film and all things post apocalyptic.” In our past experience a studio sitting on a movie like this is usually a bad sign, but from the looks of it, the Weinstein Co. has been withholding a real stunner.