Does Mad Men’s Season 4 Cast Photo Reveal New Secrets?


Yes, we’re going to overanalyze yet another Mad Men promotional image. Humor us.

So first, the obvious. This photo seems to imply one major plot point: that Ken Cosgrove will be an employee of Sterling Cooper, Draper, Pryce. Or at least somehow involved with the start up. This makes us happy, because we couldn’t bear the thought of losing both him and Paul Kinsey all at once. Plus, it’s fun to watch him bring out Pete Campbell’s competitive streak.

We’d also like to note that Peggy’s new big hair looks much better than in the previous photo we saw of her. And speaking of Peggy, we’re wondering if she’s standing so close to Pete for a reason. Maybe the show will take a soapy turn, and they’ll have an affair (apologies Trudy and Duck). Or go searching for their baby.

Also standing rather close (at least for exes) are Betty and Don. Maybe things didn’t work out with Henry Francis?

And finally, we were tickled to see that some things never change, and Bert Cooper still hates shoes.

OK, so what did we miss?

[via ArtsBeat]