Daily Dose Pick: Living Climate Change


Promoting positive thinking about the future, Living Climate Change uses creative videos and design to envision the world of the coming decades and how creativity can effect global change.

A project of design company IDEO, the site includes inventive video shorts that range from the earthy (mycologist Paul Stamets’ “6 Ways Mushrooms Can Save the World”) to the philosophical (Dutch artist Ap Verheggen’s “Climate Change Equals Culture Change”). It also recently teamed with DESIGN 21 for the Living Climate Change Video Challenge, calling for filmmakers to capture their “vision of a future shaped by climate change, as we move along the path toward reduced carbon emissions.”

Visit the Living Climate Change website, learn more about IDEO, visit the company’s page on Vimeo, and check out its safe drinking water project, Ripple Effect.

Click through below to view the winners and other videos from the site.

The Living Climate Change Video Challenge – Under 18 winner “Two and a Half Billion Ideas” by Jeff Steinhorn, 12

The Living Climate Change Video Challenge – 18 and over winner “We Make It Spaghetti Bolognese” by Andrea Schöllgen

The Living Climate Change Video Challenge – 18 and over honorable mention “Buy Locally, Connect Locally” by Tuduyen Annie Nguyen

“Harmony City” by IDEO

“Sam and Dave Save the World” by IDEO