What’s on at Flavorpill: Links That Made the Rounds in Our Office


Today at Flavorpill we got in the mood for Valentine’s Day thanks to a little DJ drama from The Real. On that note, we wished we were at the Tools of Change for Publishing conference (we never thought we’d write that line!) so that the One Story peeps would hand deliver us a literary Valentine — guess we’ll have to settle for an STD-E-card. We wondered if creativity can save comics. We hoped our moms never read this blog. We waited with bated breath for Julia Roberts’ big comeback (come on, you loved Steel Magnolias, too). We were scandalized by the prospect of Grey’s Anatomy sans George and Izzie. We agreed with Idolator’s totally spot on assessment of TVOTR’s SNL performance. We were shocked that Will Smith’s star power survived the critical weight of his Seven Pounds‘ flop. We cheered for Tara. We shuddered at this cluttered computer screen. We remembered why Segways make us laugh. We wanted more deets about NBC’s war criminals show. We were glad that Rihanna’s grandma says she’s fine. Seriously. We tried to decide if these Pepsi redesign guidelines are real. And finally, we were glad that Obama is a bigger draw than American Idol. That’s Change.