What’s on at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds in Our Office


Today at Flavorpill, we went around the world in just 80 seconds. We tried to imagine The Office with Dwight as the boss (Mindy Kaling, we think you’re adorable, but it’s a horrible idea). We were excited to hear that David Fincher’s Facebook movie will be opening this year’s New York Film Festival in late September. We wondered how much Kanye West’s big old gold pendant of Horus weighs. We remembered some of our favorite canceled TV shows that were taken away from us way too soon. We wanted to smell like Nelson Mandela (or at least know what he smells like). We lusted after this collapsible bicycle, which functions as its own bike lock. We looked at a gallery of Baby’s dad’s cell phone pics. We were very, very quiet as we got a rare glimpse inside of the New York Public Library’s “writer’s room.” And finally, our hearts were broken with news of something called “the candwich” — a sandwich that comes in a can for on-the-go types. Do you think this is how our parents felt when Fruit Roll-Ups were invented?