Google Vitamins: An App Whose Time Has Come?


Vitamins: the perfect way to compensate for your less-than-healthy lifestyle. The only problem is, it can be confusing to figure out which supplements (and how much of each one) to take. Plus, once we do manage to get our dosages straight, we can’t seem to remember to take the damn things on a regular basis. That’s why we’re grateful to Andrew Kim, who has come up with a complete design, functionality, and marketing plan for something he’s calling Google Vitamin. Here’s how it would work: Users login to their Google Vitamin account, fill out a questionnaire, receive vitamin recommendations, and order their pills. Then, when the attractive, minimalist bottles arrive, Google Vitamin will hook up with the user’s smartphone to give a daily reminder to take the supplements. Unfortunately, the plan is only a student project, but we’re hoping Google will bring Kim on stat to launch the app and solve yet another of our first-world problems. See more pretty Google Vitamins images after the jump.

[via Core77]