The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories


1. Hard LA, an electronic music festival featuring M.I.A., N*E*R*D, Die Antwoord, Flying Lotus, and Rye Rye, has been canceled due to security concerns following the death of a teen at the Electric Daisy Carnival last month. [via Vulture] 2. Sean Lennon has tweeted a response to Beatles fans angry that he let Lady Gaga play his father’s piano: “Firstly, he gave that piano to my mother for her birthday, it is hers. Secondly, he was not not uptight the way you seem.” [via Spinner] 3. David Lynch needs help funding a new documentary about his career. In exchange for $50 you’ll get an “abstract self-portrait” of the director or a t-shirt. [via The Playlist] 4. Glee‘s Ryan Murphy says that next year’s Britney Spears episode will revolve around the character of Brittany, who in our opinion, doesn’t get nearly enough screen time. [via ONTD] 5. Someone explain this: Daniel Tosh has surpassed both Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert in the ratings to have the most-watched and top-rated studio-based show on Comedy Central. [via ABC News]

Bonus link: A 21st century response to Ginsberg’s “Howl” — “Tweet.”