Viva La Mix!: This Week’s Essential Free Downloads


Flavorpill’s weekly show on Viva Radio is a canvas upon which we splash, dot, and etch hyper-fresh gems and classic cuts. In this inaugural edition of Viva La Mix!, we hone last week’s playlist into a mixtape containing 10 essential downloads. Once you’re done downloading, check out our Viva Radio page for this week’s show (which offers a nice preview of next week’s mixtape) and to browse the 60-plus playlists in our archive.

1. Silver Jews – “San Francisco B.C.” This group of fringe-dwelling musicians have called it quits after almost 20 years, but that doesn’t make 2008’s Look Out Mountain, Look Out Sea any less a masterpiece. [Download MP3] via Ear Farm 2. Of Montreal – “First Time High” (Reconstructionist Remix of An Eluardian Instance) On this remix, musical genius and production wizard Jon Brion successfully re-riddles the most inimitable sphinx in indie, Of Montreal. [Download MP3] via Stereogum 3. The Bird and the Bee – “Love Letter To Japan” The single off the second LP from this LA pop duo is part dance-club hit, part Apple commercial, and part unhinged adorability. [Download MP3] via This Recording 4. Black Lips – “Short Fuse” After getting chased from India for lewd conduct, the Black Lips bust out their mustaches and pension for peeing on stage in a preview of their new record. [Download MP3] via Vice 5. Peter Gabriel and Hot Chip – “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa” After a shout-out in the song with the most talked-about rhyme of the summer, Peter Gabriel gives his own take on Vampire Weekend’s cheery hit with Hot Chip’s synthy support. [Download MP3] via Pretty Much Amazing 6. Metric – “Help I’m Alive” We heard the first single from Emily Haines’ (we mean Metric’s) upcoming album and we likey-likey. [Download MP3] via Cause=Time 7. Doves – “Jetstream” Based on this tune form their upcoming album, U.K. chart-topping rockers Doves are adding four-on-the-floor dance beats to their climactic rock hooks. [Download MP3] via ThaBombShelter 8. Teriyaki Boyz feat. Kanye West – “Teriya-Kings” There is a special place in our heart for Kanye, especially when he “kicks it like Karate Kid” with this established Japanese hip-hop crew. [Download MP3] via ChromeMusic 9. Ponytail – “Beg Waves” One of the most talked-about bands out of Baltimore, Ponytail wowed us with a high-pitched performance in Brooklyn. Singer Molly Siegel has a squeal that is both deafening and endearing. [Download MP3] via You Me & Everyone