Darth Vader: The Universe’s Most Revered Prankster


A few days ago, Darth Vader was seen in New York City’s subway system making fellow commuters laugh. While most people know Lord Vader as an evil tyrant determined to crush the Rebel Alliance, fewer acknowledge his ability to pull off a humorous practical joke. Since we’re all about giving people a chance to show their positive side, we gathered five of the greatest Darth Vader gags out there that put Jar Jar Binks’s comedic antics to shame. (Not that that’s hard or anything, but we just thought it was still worth mentioning, even after all these years. The Dark Side runs deep.)

Things can get a bit tedious at the Death Star. To keep up the morale, Darth Vader encourages his subordinates to have a healthy laugh from time to time.

Mocking your son at his lowest point is considered bad parenting by today’s standards, but the above clip just demonstrates Vader’s philosophy on humor: anytime is a good time to crack a joke.

Even on the street, Vader can’t restrain himself when he sees an opportunity to elicit a smile. No subject is off limits.

Prank calls are classic, and this former Sith apprentice has been known to indulge when bored.

When times get tough, the tough get silly. Here Darth Vader resorts to roleplaying to lighten the otherwise serious mood.