How to Redecorate Your Apartment for Josef Frank’s Birthday


Today would have been Swedish architect and textile designer Josef Frank‘s 125th birthday, and we’re celebrating by pretending we can afford his elegant, contemporary furnishings. Featured in 2008’s Mamma Mia, Frank’s elaborate patterns have made him a touchstone of contemporary Swedish design. He once said, “It is easy to avoid every instance of a lack of taste if one restricts oneself to anemic asceticism and suppresses every expression of temperament. What is tasteful becomes desperately boring.” In honor of the birthday boy, we’ve picked out some of Frank’s designs to take your pad from from ascetically boring to tastefully fabulous.


Take a load off in this easy chair covered in a typically loud Josef Frank fabric.

Throw Pillows

If a sofa-sized helping of Frank is too much for you, go the more understated route with accent pillows.


Frank’s knotted, brass candlesticks, made back in 1940, are sure to class up any dinner party, if you can afford them.

Shower Curtain

Shelving Unit

Sold as a bookcase, these shelves that aren’t quite even perfectly exemplify Frank’s argument for innovation, and they still look pretty aesthetically pleasing to us.


They may trip your overstimulation censors, but Frank’s wallpaper prints will make your room the funkiest on the block.


Showcasing one of Frank’s more famous prints, this flora cabinet is not your average storage space.


Good enough to eat off of: Frank’sdinnerware.

Tea Trolley

Cutting a figure that could come straight out of The Great Gatsby, this tea server from 1930 is an expensive must-have accessory for your next afternoon tea party.

Tea Cozy

And no teatime is complete with Josef Frank tea cozies!