What’s on at Flavorpill: Links that made the rounds in our office


Today at Flavorpill we laughed at drunk animals. No real ones. We wished we lived in LA so we could get married on Friday. Not because we want to get married — we’d just like an excuse to take a honeymoon. Then we read this dude’s blog and decided it wasn’t such a good idea. We wanted to get our Facebook portrait painted for free. We felt really, really bad for poor Matt Pinfield. Really. We braced for our impending nightmare commute, but frankly we’d rather be reading Faulkner. We decided the idea of secret Oscars presenters really sucks. Now there will be less awkwardness to make fun of. We came to the conclusion that customized erotic fiction is possibly the most uncomfortable gift you can buy someone you’re dating — especially if you replace yourself with a celebrity. We were oddly happy for Ryan Adams and Mandy Moore. But we wish he’d get some new hair. And finally we watched Diddy interview Terry Richardson. Random, but enjoyable nonetheless.