Photo Gallery: Pitchfork Festival’s 2010 Bro-down


Despite soaring temps and sound quality at one stage (the headlining stage, unfortunately) that Pitchfork itself would give no more than a 5.8, the Pitchfork Music Fest this weekend in Union Park, Chicago (featuring Wolf Parade, Local Natives, Beach House, Panda Bear, Girls, and Best Coast, plus LCD and Free Energy), was the chillwave capital of the world. And if we’ve learned anything about music in 2010, it’s that where there is chillwave, there are bros. Seriously: there were more fanny packs, topsiders, oversized tank tops, cargo shorts, rip-off Wayfarers, and headbands than we could count. In the name of fashion, we have rounded up just a few of our top picks for your viewing pleasure. Thanks for the bro-down, Chicago! See you next year.

We’re still not sure we really get what his shirt means, but this bro is definitely the P4K 2010 mascot.

The Merle Haggard bro has got the right ‘tude, but the bro next to him in the Tiger polo and hat has got the right style.

Peace, bros.

Confession: we followed this bro around just to be near his pretty, pretty face. Bronzed bro god!

Sometimes you just gotta take a time out by port-a-johns and chill, y’know?

This bro really likes Free Energy. Like, he’s feeling it. Hard.

Of course the Girls photographer shooting their set is a total chillwave bro. How could he not be?

Just tryin’ to stay cool, bro.

This bro lives is in the space on the Venn Diagram where sports fans and Animal Collective fans intersect.

This bro has magically time-traveled from 2006, when Tapes ‘n Tapes headlined the first Pitchfork Fest.

Note the laminate. This is a VIB: Very Important Bro.

Ignore our friend in the foreground and check out love at first bro in the background.

Cool shades, bro.

Ironic Ed Hardy?

And finally, the iconic chillwave bro uniform: oversized tank, bright colors, fannypack.