The Worst Old Spice Guy Parodies


The Old Spice Guy viral advertising campaign has solidified itself as one of the most successful and beloved ways a company has tricked consumers into buying their product in a long time. Things got so crazy in fact that last week he was forced to retire. So it’s not hard to believe that meme-chasers have been parodying the Old Spice Guy like crazy, just hoping to achieve a little bit of internet fame and glory themselves — with mixed results. Click through to view 10 of the worst Old Spice Guy parodies on the internet, and be sure to think twice before making your own.

10. Fatness and arm tattoos are not the true signs of manliness

This man’s belief that he is “more of a man” than our six-packed hero makes us sad. Shame on you and your “seaman” jokes.

9. Unemployed Skeletor

We’re a bit undecided on this one. The arrival of Skeletor makes us laugh every time, but otherwise, it’s undeniably bad. You aren’t going to defeat He-Man with that gut, Skeletor!

8. Old Spice Guy is in the trap

We’d love to see Jay-Z on Ice, but bad animation and mild racism makes this an eye-roll worthy parody.

7. The Old Spice “Baby”

Hasn’t the talking baby joke stayed around far longer than is even remotely acceptable?

6. The Old Spice Alien

We want to like this one for its uniqueness, but it’s pretty bad. Weird for weird’s sake comes across as trying way too hard.

5. The Warcraft Bar Soap Guy

You lost us at “Warcraft Bar Soap.”

4. The Anti iPhone Guy

Randomly attacking the new iPhone through an Old Spice Guy parody makes this confusing and uncomfortable to watch.

3. The Sausage Your Sausage Could Taste Like

This is just gross. Gross animation, gross sausage, and gross misuse of creativity.

2. I’m On A Horse

This is a perfect example of frat kids trying way to hard to create a meme.

1. An Old, Old Spice Parody