Wanted: ’80s-Inspired Pop Culture Plates


Angela Rossi is an LA-based artist who, in her own words, takes “recycled, abused, tossed aside, broken and forgotten items and turns them into fabulous new creations.” Earlier today we stumbled across a collection of antique plates that she’s currently selling in her Etsy shop that feature hand-painted pop culture icons, and we wanted to buy them all — especially E.T. Click through to check out a selection of our favorites.

Portrait of E.T., Prince of Spain 1582, $49

Gizmo Portrait Plate, $39

Sid and Nancy Portrait Plate, $35

Pee-wee Herman Portrait Plate, $65

Mr. Vader Portrait, $45

Deer Ol’ Chunk Portrait, $40

Bonus: Not a pop culture icon, but this is the most awesome plate we have ever seen…

Prince Primate II, $59

[via MisterHonk]