50 Companies America Likes Better Than Facebook


Schadenfreude travels quickly on the Internet, which is probably why it’s huge news today that an ACSI survey discovered consumers kind of hate Facebook. On a scale of one to 100, consumers rated the site a 64. But surely that’s not such a horrible score, is it? Hey, it’s above 50, right? Well, in our quest to put the results in perspective, we dug up 50 companies consumers rated higher than Facebook this year. What we found was pretty dismal: Apparently, we are happier with FOX News, Wal-Mart, Microsoft, Olive Garden, the U.S. Postal Service, McDonald’s, and just about every other fast food restaurant imaginable than we are with Mark Zuckerberg’s social networking empire. In fact, we had to search far and wide to find lower scores, from a handful of cable monopolies, airlines, and (at only a point below Facebook’s grade) that ghost town we call MySpace. Peruse our illuminating list of businesses that beat Facebook after the jump.

Netflix (87) Amazon.com (86) FedEx (85) Barnes & Noble (84) Olive Garden (84) Red Lobster (83) FOXNews.com (82) UPS (82) Google (80) Outback Steakhouse (80) Target (80) Charles Schwab (79) Expedia (79) Fidelity Investments (79) J.C. Penney (79) Lowe’s (79) Southwest Airlines (79) eBay (79) Chili’s (78) Pizza Hut (78) Starbucks (78) Domino’s Pizza (77) USAToday.com (77) Wikipedia (77) Microsoft (76) Movies, in general (76) Nokia (76) NYTimes.com (76) priceline.com (76) Whole Foods (76) AT&T (75) Gap (75) KFC (75) AOL (74) Best Buy (74) Burger King (74) MSNBC.com (74) Sears (74) Taco Bell (74) CNN.com (73) Verizon (73) YouTube (73) DISH Network (71) U.S. Postal Service (71) Continental Airlines (71) Wal-Mart (71) DIRECTV (68) McDonald’s (67) ConEd (66) Newspapers, in general (65)