The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories


1. In case you missed it, Bill Murray took a dip in a dumpster last night on Letterman. (video) [via EW] 2. Things that could land a girl in therapy: Having Drake bring you up on stage at a concert and then decide not to kiss you at the last minute. [via Vulture] 3. Madonna‘s 14-year-old daughter Lourdes will have a role in her mom’s directorial debut, W.E. [via Janet Charlton’s Hollywood] 4. Brad Pitt will star in an adaption of World War Z, Max Brooks’ horror novel about the zombie apocalypse. [via MTV News] 5. A screaming match with her neighborhood nemesis (the same one she beaned with a BlackBerry in 2007) has led to another arrest for poor Foxy Brown. [via NY Post]

Bonus link: The Glamorous Divorce Ranches of the Mad Men Era