Christmas in July: Our Favorite Mad Men-Related Swag


We’ll admit it. Our excitement for the Season 4 premiere of Mad Men has been a little out of control of late. It’s almost reminiscent of the times when we would anxiously wait for weeks in advance of Christmas. While the thought of Don Draper sneaking down the chimney late at night makes us want to hide our sisters, it would be a fun idea to treat the Mad Men premiere like the gift-giving holiday. Click through for a few of our suggestions for Mad Men-themed presents to give to your fellow Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce enthusiasts — or even yourself!

Mad Men Paper Dolls

Don’t pretend like you’ve never thought about giving Peggy a makeover — or undressing Don, for that matter.

Minimalist Mad Men Posters, price on request

The new ad agency’s partners (except for Pryce) represented their unique pocket square fold.

Mad Men Party Invitations, $19

Note: If you’re getting a cake for your party, make sure to pick it up yourself instead of sending your spouse to go get it. He or she may never return, or even worse, they may bring a new dog back instead! Cakes aren’t dogs!

A Joan Holloway Finger Puppet, $17

This one really needs no explanation.

Mad Men Collectible Barbies, $75

They might technically be “Barbies,” but we like to think of them more as really expensive action figures. Or more like “getting some action figures.” High fives all around!

Mad Men Desktop Wallpaper

For when you need to whip up a Don Draper-approved cocktail at work.

Mad Men Valentines

There’s honestly no need to wait until February to send someone that you care about this card.

A Mad Men-Style Commute

Sigh. If we could only ride this fake vintage subway car to work everyday… (Note: It was part of a viral marketing campaign for the release of Season 3 on DVD, a gift that you can actually give yourself.)