Quote of the Day: Kara Walker Can Sleep at Night Because of Michelle Obama

“In a down-home, deep psychological way, I am so in love with Michelle Obama. Just her presence in the sphere of power is really comforting to me. I keep having Michelle-Obama-as-my-mother dreams, which, you know, we could talk about. Or not… I’ve had two very specific dreams where I was her daughter. She was tucking me in. And there was something very soothing about her presence. But back to your question: it’s been an incredible year, and I’ve been thinking a lot about the trauma that’s associated with having to let go of paranoia. Election night was cathartic for a lot of people. And catharsis is just devastating. No matter what—if something blows up, if something goes really right—catharsis takes a lot out of the body, psychically. But it’s a weird time, while the country is hemorrhaging from greed, to consider moral and economic replenishment.”

– Kara Walker, controversial and influential contemporary African American artist and winner of the MacArthur Fellowship (AKA the “Genius Award”), talks about her extreme fondness for Michelle Obama in this interview with Black Book Mag. We feel the same way about Tina Fey.