The Art of Aurora Andrews


It’s amazing what kinds of tender moments in life can be captured with a combination of patience, skill, keen observation, and the application of color. Aurora Andrews, a working illustrator, is one such person who possesses all of these talents. “I’ve been painting in one way or another all my life,” she told Flavorpill. “My dad is an artist, and he let me play with his materials when I was very little.”

Andrews started to take things more seriously in high school, and has been working with watercolor, which accounts for most of what’s on her blog, for about 5 years now. “I draw with uni-ball pens a lot; I like them because they’re waterproof so I can paint over them without smearing,” she says of her process. “Then I add color with watercolor and gouache. I buy drawing paper in big rolls and cut it down into smaller strips and pieces.”

When it comes to subject matter, Andrews — who counts Mary Cassatt among her influences — prefers things that are “typical and peculiar at the same time.” Or, as she elaborates, “I want to record the present and my place in it. It’s hard to say exactly how I choose; I draw the things that I like looking at, that I think are funny, that surprise or worry me. It’s a way for me to think about what I see, and to share it.”

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