Bad Taste? Beer Packaged in Dead Animals


The Scottish brewery BrewDog thought it was the right time to combine taxidermy with beer, and evidently, they were right. As soon the 12 bottles stuffed into the corpses of ermines, squirrels, and a hare hit the market, they sold at £500 each within a few hours. The series is titled “The End of History,” and each bottle is 110-proof (55% alcohol by volume), making each swig one of the strongest drinks of beer you’ll probably ever have — if the owners dare to open their recent acquisitions.

Martin Dickie and James Watt started the brewery in 2007 as two 24-year-olds who had grown bored with the UK beer market. According to their website, BrewDog is “a beacon of non-conformity in a increasingly monotone corporate desert” and they “do not merely aspire to the proclaimed heady heights of conformity through neutrality and blandness.” Interesting.

London’s Daily Telegraph reports that Advocates for Animals aren’t pleased with the stunt. “Using shock tactics to get attention is terribly out of date, especially when this involves exploiting or degrading animals,” said Ross Minett, the campaigns director of Advocates for Animals. In the Toronto Sun, Watt didn’t understand why people were protesting: “All the animals were roadkill so they were dead anyway.”

Check out a video providing the back story on the new brew below, and leave a comment letting us know if you’d be willing to try it.