Daily Poll: Will You Be Watching Serena Sr.’s Fall from Grace?


It’s official: Rather than starring Jenny Humphrey, the forthcoming Gossip Girl spin-off will be a prequel, focusing on the character of Lily van der Woodsen in her teen years. Big phew. Per this post on the Deadbolt: “Although the young version of Lily van der Woodsen is yet to be cast, CW staple Krysten Ritter has been tapped to co-star as Lily’s sister. The new Gossip Girl spin-off will focus on Lily and her fall from lavish grace at a Montecito boarding school and her move to a public school in the San Fernando Valley where she eventually meets Rufus Humphrey.”

Maybe we’re just suckers for any series with Josh Schwartz’s name attached to it, but this sounds like the opposite of The Office sort of spin-off. (We saw the promo the other night. We love Amy Poehler. LOVE. But it looks really bad. See for yourself.) In other words: awesome.