Today in Awesome: Helen Mirren’s Harvey Pekar T-Shirt


We adore Helen Mirren. We loved her both in her youth, when she co-starred in envelope-pushing fare like O Lucky Man! and Caligula, and more recently, in roles as no fewer than two Queen Elizabeths and the co-founder of Nevada’s first legal brothel. Her north-of-60 bikini body is a sight to behold, and she didn’t look bad in a New York magazine bathtub spread, either. But even with such stiff competition, by far our favorite photo of Mirren was taken last night at Comic-Con. Brace yourselves, geeks: She’s a Harvey Pekar fan! “As you know, he was a great artist and a great innovator,” she told Reuters. “A guy who turned me on to the fact that graphic art can be personal. I wanted to salute him today.” For that, and everything else she’s done for us over the years, we think Mirren deserves a salute of her own.

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