Mixtape: 25 Songs for 25 Cities


When you’ve lived in a place like Baltimore — a strange, wonderful city that rarely seems to get its due — you get used to being overlooked for the likes of New York and LA. As much of a bummer as that can be, it makes the few mentions of or tributes to your city you do find that much more special. That’s why we were excited when one of our favorite new bands, Tennis, released “Baltimore,” a B-side that feels like anything but a throwaway. In fact, we were so delighted, it inspired us to create this mixtape featuring a song about each of the US’ 25 most populous cities, from highest to lowest. We tried to avoid the obvious (or at least track down interesting cover versions of classics) and only picked cuts we actually like. Here’s hoping you enjoy this musical road trip from New York to Nashville as much we do.