The First Trailer for Tarantino’s Latest, Inglourious Basterds, Is Up


After the jump, find the trailer for Tarantino’s forthcoming World War II flick Inglourious Basterds, which was inspired a 1978 Italian war movie; what follows is a play by play of our extremely analytical first viewing. Let us know if you concur in the comments, and if anyone has the back story on the incorrect spelling in the title, do share.

00:12 – Splattered blood graphic in the titles. Uh-oh. This is going to be just as violent as Kill Bill, a film which we adore but were unable to watch in a movie theatre because it made us wig out. 00:16 – Brad Pitt! And he’s using his Southern Benjamin Button voice! 00:28 – We LOL when he says “thang.” Both times. 00:30 – Why does he say the word “Nazis” like that? 00:33 – It’s Ryan from The Office! 00:39 – Eek. Bloody child running through green field. 00:57 – We just noticed Brad’s scary neck scar. He’s babbling on about being cruel and disemboweling Germans, but his neck is all we can think about. 00:59 – AH! Man with secret swastika etched into his forehead. That’s going to give us nightmares. 01:05 – That guy smiling at the mention of “knives” is totally creepy. 01:12 – Whoa! Is that a girl? 01:14 – YES! Another girl. 01:20 – A guy is about to get whacked in the head with a baseball bat. This is worse than swastika head. 01:31 – Brad Pitt tell his men he wants 100 Nazi scalps. Twice. 01:34 – Hitler in a cape wigging out. From our limited knowledge of German, we think he’s saying, “No, no, no, no, no.” 01:40 – Thankfully, this won’t be coming out until August 21, 2009. That gives us plenty of time to brace ourselves. 01:43 – It’s over. Where in the heck was Cloris Leachman? You don’t hide your big name talent Tarantino?