The Recessionist: Reduced-Price Seats for August: Osage County, The Seagull and American Buffalo (sort of)


Going to the theatre has always been one of the most expensive forms of cultural entertainment, and in the current economy that makes it a prohibitive past time for most. Or not. Meet the Recessionist, a weekly feature where we comb through the plethora of Giants tickets posts on Craigslist to find you a few decent deals.

Note: Even though we’ve seen a lot of cheap seats to THE LITTLE MERMAID and MARY POPPINS we can’t bring ourselves to include either on this list — times aren’t that tough yet. Also, if musicals like BILLY ELLIOT, SHREK THE MUSICAL JERSEY BOYS and SOUTH PACIFIC, or new star-filled shows like SPEED-THE-PLOW are any indicator, there are still plenty of people willing to buy theatre tickets at above face value, even now.

Viva the Great White Way!

1. AUGUST: OSAGE COUNTY on 10/31 for $65 – face value $122 Set in present-day Oklahoma, Tracy Letts’ August: Osage County has a bad case of “the plains,” as one character describes the landscape’s effect on the psyche.

2. THE SEAGULL on 11/2 for $70 – face value $110 KRISTIN SCOTT THOMAS and PETER SARSGAARD play tortured artists in love in Christopher Hampton’s pared-down translation of Chekhov’s classic.

3. AMERICAN BUFFALO on 11/2 for $74 – face value $74 Okay, this one is not a steal, but it’s opening weekend, it’s DAVID MAMET and it’s the triple threat of JOHN LEGUIZAMO, CEDRIC The ENTERTAINER and HALEY JOEL OSMENT. In other words, it’s a no brainer.

* If you’re looking for a way to horrify anyone in town for Thanksgiving, consider buying these tickets to SPRING AWAKENING. They’re marked up 100 percent but score you a seat on stage next to one of the leads.