Our Dexter Predictions Based on the New Season 5 Trailer


Although two components of our must-see television trifecta — True Blood and Mad Men — are currently on the air, there’s still one series that we’re missing: Dexter. And we have to wait until late September for it to start up again. Luckily, Showtime felt our pain and debuted the trailer for the bound-to-be tumultuous fifth season at Comic-Con over the weekend. After watching it about 10 times in a row, we’ve come up with our predictions for Season 5 of Dexter. Peep them all after the jump, and add to our list in comments.

1. Debra learns her brother’s secret Since Deb figured out who Dexter’s biological mother and brother were last season, and is now on the hunt for the fictional Kyle Butler (whom Dexter used as an alias when he was getting close to John Lithgow’s Arthur Mitchell), we think that she’ll also figure out Dexter’s secret. But after she learns of his so-called dark passenger, we think she’ll be okay with it. Dexter is the only constant, reliable male in her life. Maybe she’ll even help him cover his tracks.

2. Angel and Maria’s marriage is great We want this to happen because this show needs at least one stable romantic relationship. It doesn’t need to be perfect, but we would love for it to work out.

3. Dexter kills Joey Quinn In the trailer, a lot of time is given to Quinn, who seems to be (correctly) convinced that Dexter isn’t the sensitive, quiet, nerdy lab rat everyone else thinks he is. The last who character had this hunch was killed off, but not at the hands of Dexter. We’re thinking something similar might happen in Quinn’s case — but we have a feeling that there are some skeletons in Quinn’s closet that fit Dexter’s criteria for homicide.

4. Julia Stiles will be Dexter’s therapist Despite the fact that she is absent from the trailer, Julia Stiles is scheduled to play a woman who has a “unique” relationship with Dexter for this season. We think that since our (anti) hero has just suffered a major trauma, the Miami Metro PD will force him into therapy and that Ms. Stiles will be his oh-so professional, but still sexy therapist with some sort of dark secret of her own. Because every woman in Dexter’s life has a dark secret.

5. Dexter didn’t kill Rita Even though Dexter says “It was me” at the beginning of the trailer, we think that it’s in response to the reason why Rita was killed and not an actual confession. That said, we’re not sure if it was Lithgow’s Arthur Mitchell/Trinity Killer, or if it will prove to be new-to-the-show Shawn Hatosy, who is slated to play this season’s villain.