Damien Hirst, You’re Going Down! (OK, Probably Not.) [Morning Links]


Books: Reading doesn’t make kids wholesome — in fact, it can make them very bad. [Guardian] Dance/Opera: Does Mikhail Baryshnikov trump Madonna’s knack for reinvention? More importantly, can we forgive him for trying to steal Carrie? [HuffPo] Design: 112 beautiful examples of pulp fiction pinup gals. [Print Magazine] Film: Jonah Hill just sold a script for seven figures; it’ll star him and Jason Schwartzman. Are we excited? Fo sho. [Variety] Music: Billboard releases their “Music Moneymakers” list. The only band from this decade to break the top 10: the Jonas Bros. We’re not sure if they even count. [Bloomberg] Television: Maybe the arrival of The Wire‘s Idris Elba can save The Office. Maybe he’ll bring a gun. And swear a lot. We’d watch that. [EW] Theatre: Doubt — which we still haven’t seen! — is the first work to score both Tony and Academy Award noms for the actors in all four principal roles. Must make Frost/Nixon pissed. [Reuters] Visual Arts: A group of artists vows to take down Damien Hirst for being such a bully. Remember kids, he’s got a really big shark. [The First Post] Web: Leaked pics of the next iPhone? We likey. [Wired]