What’s on at Flavorpill: The Links That Made the Rounds In Our Office


Today at Flavorpill, we wanted to take a ride in a flying car. We wondered how Robert Pattinson feels about inspiring a line of slim-fitting undies known as the R-Pant. We counted down the most shocking film endings in history. We liked looking at pictures of nerds-in-training at Comic-Con. We finally understood Inception. We reviewed the sartorial choices on last night’s Season 4 premiere of Mad Men. We wished we had binder clips to turn into a pretty ball. We celebrated nature’s ugliest animals. We thought that Ron Livingston made a rather cute Keyboard Cat. We took a virtual tour of Masonic Temples around the world. We wanted to explore the blue hole caverns of the Bahamas. And finally, we saw inside of a baby’s dreams. It’s just as cute as you’d imagine.