The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories


1. Jon Stewart grew a Colonel Sanders beard while The Daily Show was on hiatus. [via ArtsBeat] 2. Yes, we thought it was weird that Peter Berg was adapting Battleship (the board game) into a film. But now Rihanna has joined the cast… [via The Playlist] 3. Terry Gilliam will direct the live webcast of Arcade Fire‘s concert at Madison Square Garden for Unstaged, a new online concert series being launched by American Express and streamed on YouTube. [via USA Today] 4. Nick Cave is reportedly revising the script for a new version of The Crow that will be more faithful James O’Barr‘s comic books than the original film. [via Guardian] 5. Wyclef Jean is said to be considering running in the 2010 Haitian presidential election. [via Vulture]

Bonus link: Superchunk covers The Cure