Pete Seeger’s BP Protest Song


Even at the mature age of 91, no one rocks a banjo like Pete Seeger. Although the folk hero doesn’t do a whole lot of writing these days, he did get up to play a new song called “God’s Counting on Me, God’s Counting on You” at a recent fundraiser for oil spill relief. The track, which directly addresses BP, contains the pointed lyrics, “It’s time to turn things around/ Trickle up, not trickle down” and “When drill, baby, drill turns to spill, baby, spill/God’s counting on me/God’s counting on you.” Just as moving as the new tune from America’s greatest living folk singer is the interlude in which he talks about celebrating his 67th wedding anniversary. Watch, tear up, and then (if you have it) give some money to Seeger’s charities of choice, Gulf Restoration Network and Global Green USA.

[via The Daily Swarm]