Daily Dose Pick: Hannibal Buress


He’s been called (by us, even) “the black Mitch Hedberg,” but Brooklyn-via-Chicago comic Hannibal Buress is standing on his own with his first comedy album.

Hannibal (yes, that’s his real name) finds the absurd in the everyday on My Name Is Hannibal, from flaming cocktails and metal arms to fire SUVs and pickle juice. It’s his laid-back delivery that garners comparisons to Hedberg — but Buress’ stand-up is consistently edgier and far more constructed. The SNL writer has performed with everyone from Aziz Ansari to The Daily Show‘s John Oliver, and New Yorkers can see him weekly at his comedy revue at the Knitting Factory Brooklyn.

Visit Buress on his website, become a fan on Facebook, follow him on Twitter, and buy a copy of My Name is Hannibal


The set alone allegedly convinced Lorne Michaels to hire Buress to the SNL team.

The famous “Fire Department SUV” joke (and, incidentally, the clip that introduced us to Hannibal).

Buress on the George Lopez Show, talking traffic tickets and Flaming Dr. Peppers.